Are you a Glitch in the system? We believe that when you are true to what makes you different, you can change the world. That is how we operate at Glitch Labs, and we proudly wear our quirks on our sleeves. Now you can too with our official gear.   

Shibuya Shirt

Senpai will definitely notice you in this shirt! This glitched out design celebrates our love for everything Japanese. From the street food of Osaka to the sights and sounds of Akihabara, we just can’t get enough of Nippon. そうです。

House Glitch Shirt

Bend the knee and declare your loyalty to House Glitch. This shirt proudly displays the sigil of the mystical unicorn along with our house motto of Create, Experience, and Enjoy. Wear it well, because the night is dark and full of terrors.

Block Busted Glitch Shirt

Grab a bottle of Crystal Pepsi and show some nostalgic love. This shirt is a tubular trip to the good old days of dial-up internet and video rental stores. Remember a time before video streaming services? Glitch Creative Labs remembers.

Game Over, Man! Shirt

Are you ready to strike fear into the hearts of your digital enemies? Make the world respect your epic Kill/Death Ratio with this deliciously sinister shirt from Glitch Labs. It is the perfect addition to your Team Deathmatch loadout. Stay frosty, Space Marine!