Glitch Mask $9

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

You always have our backs, and we want to return the favor. This stylish protective mask is the perfect companion to have when venturing outside. It features an ultra-soft fabric blend with a stitched interior sleeve that can hold the biofilter of your choice.
*Please note that this mask does not include a filter.*

Shibuya Shirt $20

Senpai will definitely notice you in this shirt! This glitched out design celebrates our love for everything Japanese. From the street food of Osaka to the sights and sounds of Akihabara, we just can’t get enough of Nippon. そうです。

Geared Up Shirt $20

A love for all things gaming has been a part of our lives since birth. We remember each rescued princess, saved kingdom, and vanquished villain that we encountered – But we are always ready for another new adventure. Good thing we always have the right gear to get the job done.

NOOK x GLITCH Shirt $20

This piece of Glitch Gear pays homage to everyone’s favorite little trash panda. It’s a super cozy and extra-soft shirt that is perfect for every Animal Crossing lover to relax in while they enjoy deserted island life.
*Please note: This shirt was not hand-stitched by the Able Sisters.

Game Over, Man! Shirt $20

Are you ready to strike fear into the hearts of your digital enemies? Make the world respect your epic Kill/Death Ratio with this deliciously sinister shirt from Glitch Labs. It is the perfect addition to your Team Deathmatch loadout. Stay frosty, Space Marine! 

Oh-G $20

Are you a Glitch in the system? We believe that when you are true to what makes you different, you can change the world. That is how we operate at Glitch Labs, and we proudly wear our quirks on our sleeves. Now you can too with our official gear.